I'm PRo SEX.

Is Your Sex life…

Not Vanilla?

Help us Protect the Rights of the Sexually Explorative. Join us in passing the first “anti slut-shaming” law and fight against discrimination based on what you do in the bedroom.


Shame. Less.


The Facts



of millennial women take nude photos of themselves.


of Americans identify as “kinky”. while 1 in 3 have explored a kink.

1 in 5

Americans reported having engaged in a non-monogamous relationship.


Protect Your Flavor.

Don’t allow discrimination based off of someone’s sexual history. Let’s fight together for a future where we are all free to explore sex without fear or shame.


Who Are We?

We are a collective of sex activists dedicated to protecting our right to explore sex without discrimination. Become a Volunteer.


A sexy Thought

Sex should be celebrated and all Americans should be protected, not only for who they chose to love, but also for how they choose to love.

Daniel Saynt, Creator of PRo SEX


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Have a Story to Tell?

For many, discretion is key to preventing sexual history discrimination but what happens if you’re discovered or outed? What happens when your private messages, photos or videos are shared without your consent resulting in termination or eviction? Help others realize the importance of being PRo SEX.


Our Initiative

We have a long way to go before we can protect our right to sexual exploration without fear of discrimination. To support our goals you can donate, join our awareness campaign or help build our legal support team to provide protections to the sexually experienced.



Make a donation, attend one of our upcoming PRo SEX fundraisers or become a brand sponsor. Every dollar helps in raising awareness and funding real change.


More scientific studies are required for us to better represent sex lives that are “not vanilla”. Conducting a study? Let us know. We’d love to share.


Help us get our initiative to more people. Write about our cause, share our message or join our outreach campaign. Tag posts @WereProSex and use #notvanilla so that we can see your stories.


Are you a legal advisors who wants to join our cause? Help protect against sexual history discrimination. Reach out to us and let us know how you can help. Provide legal support.


Get Involved

We need volunteers, donations and legal support to push our plan forward. Join our fight and help us enact the first anti slut-shaming law in New York.



Connect your brand to a cause with purpose. Help us put an end to sex history discrimination.


Have time to give or a skill which can help our mission? Let us know what you can offer PRo SEX.

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