We're #NotVanilla

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want my efforts to equate to lately.

I’ve often called the New Society for Wellness a “movement brand” - a term I coined to describe a company run with an activistic heart. Because of this I think of NSFW as something to care for and direct toward a greater good. More than customers, our membership is in many ways like family, a group of people who are like-minded coming together to feel a connection to something bigger.

But with bringing people together comes a certain responsibility. A responsibility to provide safe, judgement-free environments not only in our Clubhouses, but also in the greater world around us.

NSFW’s mission has always been to spread positive messages about sex. We wanted to be a loud voice helping to destigmatize BDSM, sex education, non-monogamy and spiritual sex practices through our community events and sex positive media coverage.

We’ve made many steps in the direction of that goal, but in that time have heard stories from members which root themselves in fear and shame. There’s a fear about being outed or found out, a fear about seeing someone they know in a sex positive space, the concern over the thinking of coworkers or employers. They are faced with a true fear of discrimination that can stem from being thought of as “not vanilla”.

The Protect the Rights of the Sexually Explorative Bill is our next step in destigmatizing sex.

I don’t believe our current system is fair. I don’t believe we should be subjected to a moral compass dictated by the people in charge of our employment or housing. I believe I’ve been the victim of such discrimination and I know I’m not the only one who fears it.

I hopeful you’ll join me in helping spread the word about our new mission. A way to ensure we are all protected for choosing to live a life that’s filled with more flavors than vanilla.

- Daniel Saynt, Founder of PRo SEX

Daniel Saynt